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AIMA-CME Scholarship – January 2008 session
Besides contributing to society through imparting quality management education by distance learning, AIMA is also committed to empowering disadvantaged weaker sections of the Indian society. In pursuance of this commitment, AIMA intends to help the needy students pursuing AIMA-CME’s PGDM/PGDITM programmes.

AIMA awarded 15 scholarships to support the economically weaker section students for the January 2008 session. The eligibility and other terms and conditions are given below:
  • Module-I students of PGDM & PGDITM students of AIMA enrolled in January 2008 session are only eligible to apply.
  • Annual Family income should be below Rs.2,00,000 (Rupees Two lakhs).
  • The students who are awarded AIMA scholarship will get the refund of total fee paid by them for Module-I (Rs.19,000).
  • Fee waiver for the modules II, III and IV is subject to maintaining satisfactory academic performance and the details will be provided in the Scholarship award letter.
  • The total value of the scholarship award would be Rs.76,000 and the whole programme becomes free of cost provided the awardee maintains satisfactory academic performance.
Further, you may please note that in all AIMA would award 30 scholarships every year to the students enrolled in the first module of PGDM and PGDITM programmes of AIMA-CME that is 15 scholarships for January intake and 15 scholarships for July intake of each year.

The Scholarship award would be discontinued if a student fails to comply with AIMA-CME Scholarship norms. The decision of the AIMA’s Scholarship Committee shall be final and binding upon the student.
Shortlisted Candidates For Scholarship - January 2008 Session
S.No. Name Programme Reg. No. SC
1  Surajit Biswas PGDITM 440810008 13
2  Rupak Chakraborty PGDM 420810189 13
3  Gaurav Sharma PGDM 420810185 100
4  Deepa PGDM 420810335 100
5  Kalyan Mondal PGDM 420810257 66
6  Ragini Mishra PGDM 420810151 8
7  Bukhya Sudhir Naik PGDM 420810380 57
8  Lina Dutta PGDITM 440810007 133
9  Pawan Kumar PGDM 420810205 77
10  Ashutosh Tanwar PGDM 420810319 2
11  S K Golam Masum PGDITM 440810013 13
12  Balmukund Kumawat PGDM 420810147 100
13  Ravikumar Khandapu PGDM 420810279 57
14  Madhumita Dutta PGDM 420810118 117
15  Isha Sharma PGDM 420810229 3
Congratulations to all selected candidates. The detailed guidelines for the scholarship will be sent to you shortly.
Contact: Manager-Admissions
Ph: 011-24645100 extn: 730
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