The Global Business Leaders Series
Leadership in a Globalised World: Nurturing New Partners
29th -31st May 2012, Mauritius
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All India Management Association (AIMA) is organising The Global Business Leaders Series with the theme Leadership in a Globalised World: Nurturing New Partners from29th to 31st May 2012 in Mauritius.

The Summit is being organized in partnership with the Board of Investment, Mauritius, Enterprise Mauritius and the Indian High Commission, Mauritius.

With the waning of the developed markets, emerging markets are the flavor of the decade and now represent the reshaped global economic map. These economies are throwing up new dynamics of management and will be drivers of future economic growth, but they will also throw up complex challenges.

The Summit is a unique platform to link businesses in emerging markets. And will focus on building thought leadership in emerging markets, will bring together business leaders to discuss the new competitive challenges, financial and social issues in the current times of uncertainty. These challenges will make companies review their strategies, beliefs and principles. The Summit will focus on how management innovations have influenced companies and the navigational challenges that leaders will be faced with in the near future.

The Summit with its powerful keynotes, breakaway sessions and industrial site visits will attract Ministers from Emerging markets, Chairs and Chief Executives of business, investment fund managers and other industry leaders.

Join the International delegation at the Summit scheduled during 29-31 May, 2012. Summit partners Board of Investment, Mauritius and Enterprise Mauritius are keen to organize site visits to their industrial parks on May 31, 2012 based upon your interest and availability. You can send your response in advance so as to help in planning and organising of the logistics for site visits in time.