Management Aptitude and Skills Test - MAST is the latest offering for the benefit of both recruiters and fresh management pass outs alike. In the current business scenario companies are beginning to understand that to stay competitive, they need to focus on developing and hiring most suitable candidates for the right job. The task becomes tougher when the talent is raw and needs focused grooming. It is a huge challenge in terms of time and money for the recruiters to explore this talent from across the B-Schools which have mushroomed in the country in the last decade. MAST is structured keeping in mind the current Industry trends & practices for hiring of young fresh management talents. The objective of MAST is to identify potential managers who are capable of making a difference in the management of the organsiation and create path that is good not only for them, but also for the society.


The two thousand plus B-Schools in India are churning out more than 3 Lakhs students every year. All B Schools do not necessarily have the bandwidth and access to attract pan India recruiters to screen their students. Placement is a challenge for many B-Schools today and finding the right fit for students has become a daunting task. Students also struggle to understand the job which would best fit their unique managerial skill sets and aptitude. Through this test, management students will understand their requisite managerial skill set and the corporate too would gain access to the best possible talent in a time and cost effective way.

  • Evaluate Employability skills of the Student
  • Provide level playing field to the student irrespective of the geographical location of the B Schools and its current reach to the recruiters
  • Support students in reaching out to recruiters at pan India level
  • Help student make the right career choice

We recognise the critical role of entry level talent acquisition in today's scenario. Leading organisations end up spending a lot of time and incur huge costs visiting B-School campuses to hire fresh talent. MAST is developed to assist this recruitment process and make it smooth and efficient.


  • Easy access to pan-India candidate data base 
  • Reduction in cost, manpower and time required per recruitment 
  • Expansion of the selection field beyond limited B-Schools 
  • A secure and standardised common measurement yardstick to asses candidates from across the  B-Schools in India 
  • Indentify hidden talent not from top B-Schools but equally good if not better 
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes and reduce employee turnover 
  • Brand-building exercise amongst management graduates who can be or are potential consumers