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The young minds can contribute significantly in steering the Nation forward. The National Management Movement has a part to play in this awakening.

Realising this, AIMA evolved an interesting and innovative programme called the "Shaping Young Minds Programme", which provides a platform for professionals (below the age of 30 years) to interact with leading icons from different fields. The icons speak anecdotally from their own career and experience. The programme aims at helping management students and young managers find the common link between management of self, choosing a career path and achieving the right work environment. The programme aims at helping them manage their career expectations and join their careers armed with confidence, experience and zest.

The next Shaping Young Minds Programme (SYMP) is scheduled on 1st August 2012 at Baroda in collaboration with Baroda Management Association. The Icons who  have confirmed to address include Mr D Shivakumar Senior Vice President Nokia India, Middle East and India, Senior Vice President AIMA, Mr. Prabhu Chawla, Editorial Director, The New Indian Express Group and Gen. V P Malik, Former Chief of the Indian Army and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Sarod Maestro.

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Each year, a series of programmes are conducted with Local Management Associations :

No. Date In Collaboration With Speakers
31. 10th April 2012  Kerala Management Association  

Mr Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Dr Bhaskar Das
Ms Khushbu Sundar
Justice N Santosh Hegde

30. 6th March 2012 Tumkur Management Association 
Mr D Shivakumar
Mr K Jairaj
29. 24th Feb 2012 Ludhiana Management Association   
Mr G Krishnan
Maj Gen Raj Mehta (Retd)
Mr Sanjeev Kapoor
Mr Raghunath Medge
Mr Gangaram Talekar
28. 9th September 2011 Indore Management Association
& Bhopal Management Association

Mr R Gopalakrishnan
Mr Gautam Thapar
Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain
Ms Khushbu Sundar
27. 26th March 2011 Allahabad Management Association

Mr R S Sharma
Dr Yasho V Verma
Mr Sandeep Pandey
Mr Harsh Manglik
26.  24th February 2011 Chandigarh Management Association

Ms. Sangeeta Talwar
Mr.  Bibek Debroy
Mr. Anil Sachdev
25. 22nd December 2010 Hyderabad Management Association

Mr M Damodaran
Ms Khushbu Sundar
Mr Sunil Alagh                          
Sri Chanchalapathi Dasa

24. 8th December 2010 Lucknow Management Association Mr Anil Sachdev,
 Lt Gen S S Mehta,
 Mr Narayan Gad,
Mr Parikshat Sahni.
23. 28th August 2010 Coimbatore Management Association.

Mr R Gopalakrishnan
Gen V P Malik
Mr Prabhu Chawla
Ms Khushbu Sundar
22. 31st July, 2010 Calcutta Management Association

Mr Tarun Das
Dr J J Irani
Mr Govindraj Ethiraj
Sir Mark Tully
21. January 22, 2010 Delhi Management Association

Mr M Ayyappan
Mr G Krishnan
Mr Sanjeev Kapoor
Dr Kiran Bedi

20. October 24, 2009 Lucknow Management Association

Mr Arun Shourie
Mr Suhas Gopinath
Ms Annu Tandon
Ms Meera H Sanyal
Mr Prabhu Chawla
Mr Sachin Pilot
19. April 18, 2009 Ahmedabad Management Association

Mr Prahlad Kakar
Mr R Gopalakrishnan
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
Ms Shobhaa De
18. Feb 7, 2009 Kanpur Management Association

Gen V P Malik
Mr Sudhir Jalan
Mr Govindraj Ethiraj
Mr Irshad Mirza
17. Nov 29 , 2008 Bhubaneswar Management  Association

Mr Rajive Kaul
Mr G N S Reddy
Mr B J Panda
Mr Anand Rangachary
16. August 9 , 2008 Lucknow Management  Association
Dr R A Mashelkar
Mr R K Mishra
Dr E Shreedharan
Mr Sanjeev Bhikchandani
15. April 19 , 2008 Pune Management Association
Dr A C Augustine
Mr Vithal Kamat 
Mr Adrian Williams
14. October 13, 2007 Trivandrum Management Association

Dr M S Valiathan
Mr K Nandakumar
Mr S K Swamy
Mr Adoor M Gopalakrishnan Unnithan
13. August 11, 2007 Lucknow Management Association Mr Suresh Prabhu
Mr Vikram Singh Mehta
Mr Arun Maira
Mr Muzaffar Ali
12. March 17, 2007 Guwahati Management

Dr Chandan Mitra
Dr Mukundakam Sharma
Prof Dipak Jain
Mr Shekhar Gupta
11. Aug 12, 2006 Kerala Management

Tanusree Shankar
Kochouseph Chittilappilly
J J Irani
Prabhu Chawla
10. Jun 9, 2006 Calcutta Management
S K Munjal
Tanushree Shankar
B J Panda
K J Rao
9. Mar 18, 2006 Chandigarh Management
Gen V P Malik, PVSM,
AVSM (Retd.)
K J Rao
P M Sinha
Naresh Trehan
8. Dec 3, 2005 Ahmedabad Management
Gen V P Malik, PVSM,
AVSM (Retd.)
Shekhar Gupta
Devi Prasad Shetty
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
7. Aug 13, 2005 Coimbatore Management
M. V. Subbiah
Sachin Pilot
Devi Prasad Shetty
Kiran Bedi
6. Apr 29, 2005 Bangalore Management
Subir Raha
Shekhar Gupta
Prahlad Kakkar
Devi Prasad Shetty
5. Mar 11, 2005 Delhi Management
Prashanto Banerjee
T N Ninan
Amjad Ali Khan
Prof M G K Menon
4. Sep 4, 2004 Indore Management
Adi Godrej
B Muthuraman
R Gopalakrishnan
Prasoon Joshi
3. Aug 19, 2004 Calcutta Management
Arun Shourie
Ranjan Kapoor
Subir Raha
Prabhu Chawla
2. Jun 28, 2004 Hyderabad Management
Shankar Menon
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Arun Nanda
Suresh Prabhu
1. Feb 9, 2004 Bombay Management
Azim Premji
Piyush Pandey
Narain Karhtikeyan
Suresh Prabhu


For more information please contact :

Mr. Sanjay Grover
Tel : 011-24645100

Mr. Anoobhav Sehgal
Tel : 011-24645100
Extn. : 717
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