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Prof. Anuja Pandey


Prof. Anuja Pandey, Assistant Prof. Marketing, MBA, PGDCA, M.Sc. She has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and Research. Her interest areas are: Branding, Consumer Behaviour and Retail Management. Currently she is involved in teaching the courses in Marketing Management and Retail Management. She is also managing the AIMA Journal for Management & Research (AJMR). She is the programme Director of Post Graduate Certificate In Management (PGCM) at AIMA.


The transition from government controlled to open market economy during the last decade has brought about stupendous changes in all sectors of the economy. Telecommunication due to its strategic importance is still partially controlled by government.  But the coming of private sector, technology transfer has made information and communication technology a fore runner. It has become the engine of growth.

The advent of digital technology and stored programme control has brought about the technological convergence of information technology and telecommunication (ICT).  Convergence of technologies is bringing about convergence of industries.  It has been found that a direct link exists between a country’s telecommunication penetration and GDP.

Digitalization has opened up new possibilities for development and creation of services within and beyond the framework of traditional telecommunication services. Convergence is touching the everyday lives of people around the world.  From downloading of ring tones in mobile phones by individuals to large scale call centre. Providing BPO services to tracking movement in supply chain, to banking services by ATM at remotest area, to traking product convergence has had a profound impact.  Efficient utilization of resources increased competition level and time efficiency are the other diverse of convergence and emergence of ICT.

In some areas of ICT has enhanced the trustworthiness knowledge, response rate, thereby bringing transparency accountability on the other hand ICT has posed a challenge to policy maker, planner to improve effectiveness.

Keeping in view the opportunities and challenges thrown open with convergence of information and communication technology, this issue of AJMR brings to you some interesting research papers falling in this area.

This issue is a compilation of 5 research paper, 1 case study, 1 white paper and 1 book review.

The journal received a very good response from researchers across India.  We have received a lot of papers in the theme and sub theme.  But the reviewers have selected the papers with an objective to encourage high quality papers from budding researchers.

We have tried to select one paper from each sub theme i.e use of ICT in hospitals, to banks, Human Resource, Technology Transfer.

We also have a white paper by Paras Bharadwaj on “The Clout of the Cloud”. A very interesting paper on convergence and transition of technologies.

We also show case the book “The Filter Bubble – What the internet is hiding from you” by Eli Pariser and reviewed by Faria Zafar is very relevant to this topic.  I am sure the book review will motivate many to catch the book.

We hope the compilation of articles and case is appreciated by our readers.

As always your views, suggestions, opinions are welcomed to make AJMR the most read and referred journal.

Prof. Anuja Pandey

Managing Editor
AIMA Journal for Management Research
All India Management Association




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