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Key People
AIMA Management Film
Key People
Sl. No. Committees Committee chairmen For the year 2010-2011
1. Finance Committee Mr P Dwarakanath
2. Audit Committee Mr V Rajaraman
3. Best LMA Award Committee Mr Sanjiv Goenka
4. MSME Committee Mr HP Kumar   
5. AIMA-LMA Interface Committee Mr Rajiv Vastupal
6. Indian Management Editorial Advisory Board  Dr B S Sahay
7. CME Board of Studies Prof M M Pant  
8. International Relations Committee Mr Rajive Kaul
9. Centre for Public Governance Mr K Jairaj
10. Testing Services
Management Aptitude and Skills Test (MAST)
- Mr D Shivakumar
- Mr Sanjeev Bikhchandani
11. Leadership Retreat Dr Santrupt Misra
12. Research Committee Dr Dilip K Bandyopadhyay
13. Managing India Awards Committee Mr Sanjiv Goenka
14. Public Policy Committee Mr Sanjiv Goenka
15. Task Force on MSME to conduct a study on the Service Sector
Dr J S Juneja
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