Mail Today ND 27/03/2012 P-23
Management grads need industry skills

THE Management Aptitude Test ( MAT) conducted by the All India Management Association ( AIMA) is emerging as the most sought- after option after CAT, with over 600 BSchools across the country accepting its scores.
The exam this year will be held on May 6. In an interview to Sangeeth Sebastian, AIMA Director General REKHA SETHI explains why MAT continues to be popular and offers a preview of AIMA’s new initiative, Management Aptitude and Skills Test.

MAT is one of the biggest tests in terms of its focus category. Will we see any new additions or changes in format this year?

More than 1.6 lakh students enroll for MAT every year. It continues to be hugely popular among students. There are no plans to change the format of MAT.

With a renewed hiring wave sweeping across B- Schools this year, do you believe that management education is back in business again?

Management education will continue to remain in demand as its appeal cuts across segments and is a necessary requirement.

Organisations will always need competent managers to handle their businesses and other services.

Do you believe that a regular MBA has run its course and that management institutes have to innovate to stay in business?

The MBA will continue to be important. But in the job market today, students with the necessary skills and competencies sought by businesses are the ones who are successful in landing offers.

Management institutes need to reinvent themselves by taking into consideration the emerging needs of businesses.

What do you think are some of the emerging areas of specialisation in the management sector?

Some of the emerging areas of specialisation are agri- business, microfinance, corporate social responsibility (CSR), education, real estate, healthcare, infrastructure, urbanisation, sports, media and entertainment.

What prompted AIMA to come up with the idea of a Management Aptitude and Skills Test?

A study conducted jointly by the Indian Market Research Bureau ( IMRB) and AIMA showed that despite the large number of management graduates completing their education every year, there is a disconnect in matching supply with demand as potential recruiters find it hard to reach out to the right candidates. We have launched MAST to help industry in selecting the right candidates.
The exam this year will be held in September.