Hindustan Times ND 14.12.10
Ten years later: Lee-Hesh from double fault to love all
Sukhwant Basra, Hindustan Times

It's time for magic. But do the magicians think they still have their charms - you know the ones that mersmerised the tennis world as they shot to the top of the rankings mountain in 1999? "I don't know if we think, we hope, in one word," says Bhupathi. "For us coming back together again is not like a new team starting fresh. There's tremendous history there, there's the fact that we know each other's games," adds Paes.
Then, there's the strategic bit. "Unlike other years only two great pairs have stuck together this year. That gives us an edge. While other teams will be figuring out their moves, we'll be unleashing ours," says Paes.
"Not having to go that deep, our rankings are five and six in the world. Obviously, we are right there, no matter whom we play with. We have had a lot of success together in the past and when playing for India," adds Bhupathi.